Immigration and Civil Cases

 In immigration Criminal records  are big obstacle: 

    I handle only the criminal records aspect of the case,  I seal and Expunge your criminal records. One of the ways to achieve this is to file a Statutory Motion To Vacate Judgement. Pursuant To Penal Code §1016.5  the Defendant Should Be Advised Of The Immigration Consequences Of His Guilty Plea

    To prevail on a motion to vacate under Penal Code §1016.5 the  defendant must establish that 

1. He/she was not properly advised of the immigration consequences as provided by the statute; 

2. there exists, at the time of the motion, more than a remote possibility that the conviction will have one or more of the specified adverse immigration consequences; and 

3. he was prejudiced by the non-advisement. People v. Totari 28 Cal.4th 876, 884 (2002); People v. Zamudio 23 Cal.4th 183, 199-200 (2000)

    With my vast criminal expertise and win-win approach, I have and will eliminate criminal charges' records, except those that are categorized as  crimes of moral turpitude. For those who are unable to obtain their immigration status due to their criminal records; no matter how insignificant the criminal records are or how old, in immigration they are the big obstacle. 
    When I am hired, I immediately and meticulously prepare my clients defense with my years of experience, Felony or misdemeanor, no matter how big or small the case is  
    Inexperienced attorney is more likely a poor attorney. 


I am always asked if I accept Civil cases, the answer is- Yes, I do. I represent the defendant in a CIvil Lawsuit, I do not represent the plaintiff.

    Due to my years of experience as lawyer, my years in public office, and variety of appointments I held on local, regional, and state level, I have amassed experiences and a long list of cases of non-criminal nature that I have handled very-very successfully.
Many civil cases have criminal side to them or are result of criminal acts, therefore my expertise as criminal lawyer can be very useful asset.
  • My successes include real estate Co. owner accused of stolen funds, I have minimized and or removed all accusation, the gentleman operates his Co. to this day with his own license. 
  • Sheriff's Department sued my client RN (can't display details) through extensive communications and mediation we have reached a resolution to protect her freedom.

The list goes on with contractors, and variety of business owner. However all the Civil cases I take are of criminal nature.