Insurance Fraud

    When you are accused of insurance fraud, you are facing powerful and wealthy companies who will make sure you are locked up for 
the crime of Insurance they accuse of. Insurance fraud is a white collar crime, it is considered one of the major fraud threats that the FBI pursues relentlessly. 
    I am the attorney who can and will face those wealthy giants on your behalf.
    Each Fraud case has its own style, I look at each client's case individually and target each accusation based on its allegations and the Company that is accusing them.
    Just recently I kept my client accused of Medicare Fraud in Federal Court out of being incarcerated, a conclusion pleased his ill wife who needed him regularly.

    Bill Paparian, for years defended numerous clients with variety of Insurance fraud accusations and charges and accusations against them, some true others false or exaggerated, no matter what the circumstances and or the charges of Insurance, Medicare, Medical and Social Security scams and frauds were, Bill Paparian has made sure his clients were well protected and were kept out of jail; with his many years of experience he will diligently and aggressively defend you and protect your freedom.

   If you or a loved one is charged with the crime of Insurance or health benefit Fraud, contact me; as soon as I am hired, I start damage control, while prioritizing my client's freedom.