..."One famously feisty voice for justice in the Crown City is Bill Paparian, who served on the council from 1987-99 and continues to serve the city’s residents as a top defense attorney. He credits the Pasadena Weekly with keeping a sharp focus on some of the less positive aspects of the city scene." Pasadena Weekly 7/11/2019

"The Attorney Who'll Be In Court For You With You"



With Integrity And Commitment Defending Your Rights Protecting Your Freedom

What happens immediately after hiring me, the Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • -- I track the filing of a new case for a client;

  • -- Send out Subpoena for a defense witness;

  • -- Negotiate a settlement for the client accused of Felony or Misdemeanor

  • -- My goal is always to secure the very best outcome for my client. There is always so many elements to consider

  • -- My client's criminal history

  • -- Which police agency did the investigation, it can make a huge difference

  • -- Who is prosecuting the case, the DA or the City prosecutor

  • -- Did my client make any incriminating statements? I always advise them it's best to never say anything.

Criminal Defense Attorney

I don't wait for the case to take off and go to trial, as soon as I am hired, I start damage control, try to stop the case from being filed, if filed, I start fighting, therefore the sooner I am hired the better position you will be in

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Courts Bar Association National College for DUI Defense

  • Los Angeles County Bar Association

Testimonials-William Paparian

From the father of the teen I defended

"Hi Bill

Thank you very much for all of your help, we greatly appreciate all your efforts in your aid with our son's dilemma. May God bless you and have a wonderful day."