White collar Crime

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The FBI calls Lying, cheating, and stealing, white-collar crime in a nutshell.

These days white collar crime is more elaborate than ever was. It is committed by intelligent professionals, caretakers and healthcare professionals. The most elaborate, sophisticated white-collar crimes such as Fraud is committed by corporations and government officials.

Ransomware is the New white collar crime.

PC § 166 added a new paragraph to already existing extortion statute that's already outlawed threatening letters. The new bill says that putting “Ransomware” on someone’s computer to extort money or other consideration is punishable as though that money or consideration were actually obtained. The Punishment is a county jail felony for 2, 3, or 4 years.

Fraud is not a victim-less crime that is why it is a Federal Felony;

It is punishable by long term imprisonment, fines, fees and liquidation of all assets owned by the accused and charged.

Cases I've successfully litigated, most without going to trial.

  • Drivers license Identity theft, the young man made millions form selling false Drivers licenses to underage individuals for the purpose of buying liquor and entering Bars.
  • Mother placed her child for adoption for large sum of money.
  • Administrator of a major hospital was accused of embezzling more than $100,000, had to give some of the money back. Stayed out of jail.
  • Insurance Fraud, after dodging the government for years and exiling himself for many years he came to me too late, but got him back into the country and they kept all of their assets.

- Local Public school administrator accused of Public Corruption/Government Fraud/ for hiring teachers after falsifying their accreditation test results.

- Teachers paying for false accreditation test results in hopes of being hired.

- Mortgage Fraud: real estate sales contract with false information

- Securities & Commodities Fraud: Prime Bank Note Scams

- Identity Theft

- Staged Auto Accidents

- Bankruptcy Fraud

- Corporate Fraud

- Healthcare Fraud

- Embezzlement, Fraud [married-in real estate and finance business in Ca Arcadia manufactured fake loan program targeting Chinese women]

- Asset Forfeiture/Money Laundering

- Staged Auto Accidents

- Adoption Scams

- Public Corruption/Government Fraud

- Health Care Fraud

- Perjury

- Loan Fraud with forged made up bank statements that went back years.

Here is a list of white collar crimes that the FBI pursues relentlessly.

In Depth

  • Major Threats & Programs

- Asset Forfeiture/Money Laundering

- Bankruptcy Fraud

- Corporate Fraud

- Financial Institution Fraud & Failures

- Health Care Fraud

- Hedge Fund Fraud

- Insurance Fraud

- Mass Marketing Fraud/Threat Overview

- Mortgage Fraud

- Piracy/Intellectual Property Theft

- Securities & Commodities Fraud

  • Related Fraud Information

- Identity Theft

- Disaster/Hurricane Katrina Fraud

- Internet Fraud E-scams & Warnings

- Public Corruption/Government Fraud

- Fraud Prevention Overview

- Common Fraud Scams

- Frauds Targeting Senior Citizens

- Internet Scams

- “Be Crime Smart” Advice

  • Selected Scams

- Adoption Scams

- Antitrust/Price-Fixing

- Housing Stealing

- Illegal Pharmacies

- Jury Duty Scams

- Options Backdating

- Pump & Dump Stock Scams

- Social Security Card Fraud

- Staged Auto Accidents

- Sports Memorabilia Fraud

- Timeshare Fraud

- Work at Home Scams

Wikipedia Defines:

"In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual"