Burglary, Robbery, Grand Theft

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Charges with prior arrest or while on probation, will definitely work against you and will most likely be filed as Felony charge.

Petty theft

Is the taking of property valued at $400 or less without the owner's consent. It is a misdemeanor.

Grand theft

Applies to property valued at more than $400 and can be charged as a felony

On Oct. 2018 I had the Victoria's Secret merchandise case dismissed, it was repeat theft of their merchandise from the delivery truck.


Robbery when the one who is committing the crime of shoplifting or theft resits arrest, for example, if you steal something at a store and the clerk puts his/her hand on your shoulder and you merely jerk your shoulder, turn your head around, that will be taken as resisting arrest, thus you will be charged with Estes Robbery.

First Degree Burglary

Is entering an inhabited dwelling like a home with the intent to steal, and is more serious than Second Degree Burglary, which applies to uninhabited buildings. However, both are felonies.

Shoplifting no matter how small or inexpensive the item is, or even when someone walks out of store absentmindedly and not pay for the item, unintentionally, the individual will still be accused and charged with the crime of stealing.

Robbery at gunpoint

Is a definite felony, try not to commit this crime, even if you have no intentions of using any assault weapon you carry, you will still be accused of robbery with assault weapon, DNA sample will be asked of you by the police to further prove your involvement in this crime, however some of these tests are not error free. you will need defense lawyer, the court can appoint you one or give you a public defender, but the experienced private attorney will do right by you.

“knock-knock” burglary

“knock-knock” burglars, often formed by gang members, or group of individuals who try with their attire and cars to blend in to the affluent and middle class neighborhoods, one knocks on the door, the rest wait in driveway or parking lot, if no one answers they break in, steal valuables, weapons, money and jewelry, they travel from one home or business to the other.

2017 brought New Laws to Gun and Ammunition; In 2014 Prop 47 made any theft less than $950 be a wobbler (means-it can be misdemeanor or felony) in this case they set it to go down to misdemeanor charges, However in 2017 for 2017, Prop 47 has been amended, if the stolen item that is less $950 is a gun, even a cheap gun, it will be filed as Felony.

I reduced

-A burglary-shoplifting case to misdemeanor petty theft with no jail time.

-Multi-defendant burglary charges for stealing material from constructions sites and private homes, reduced from Felony to small fines and return of stolen goods. Our criminal justice system is overwhelmed by the home invasion, burglary and robbery cases.


I have successfully defended my client accused of looting during the Pandemic curfew last year. She is getting probation instead of state prison;

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