Domestic Violence Child Abuse

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In California you can be arrested and prosecuted for Domestic Violence even if the victim does not want you arrested.

Owning a weapon will be part of the domestic disturbance investigation even if the weapon wasn't used nor was in hand of the accused.

Because I was former member of the Los Angeles Superior Court Dependency, Court Attorney Panel, I have special expertise in child abuse and domestic violence cases, for several years, I successfully represented and defended clients charged and/or accused of child abuse and domestic violence at the Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court, it's a sad place, where all have preset emotions and see everyone who is a defendant through the same periscope "guilty", some are, but most of the time couples use accusations of child abuse to gain custody of their kids, hence they start a prolonged and costly court proceedings that eventually harms the children.

Accusation as harsh as abuse and violence are sadly true in some instances, however sometimes they are simply false accusations, or result of you being under alcohol or drug influence, prescription or street drugs; however the Criminal Justice System, the local Police Department will take these charges, true or false, extremely seriously and pursue it with full force.


In California, you can be arrested and prosecuted for Domestic Violence even if the victim does not want you arrested. In some cases, especially with Spousal Abuse, it is very difficult for the victim to drop charges of domestic violence and/or child abuse.

Many times, child is removed from the parents due to one or the other parent arguing with another adult, such as, third party family member or stranger, in the presence of the child. One of my cases, neighbors complained of suspected domestic disturbance sounds, first thing authorities did at arrival is to remove the children from their home, they were taken from 3 meals a day, caring attentive parents and put in neglected foster homes, far away from the private schools they attended, setting them back academically. It took months but I was able to set the record right and return the children home.

One can not escape restraining order and domestic violence accusations-charges by changing states, it will follow around the country.

True or false, whatever the leading cause of the accusation or the removal of the child from your home is, you do need the lawyer who will hold your rights above anything and fight for you.

The hatred and desire to hurt the ex continues post divorce/breakup for years to come and may lead to angry exchanges, even threats, this will violate Penal Code Section 422(a) of the California Penal Code, a crime of moral turpitude.

My client is a career educator for a local public school system. He was charged with Criminal Threats in violation of Penal Code Section 422(a) of the California Penal Code. This offense is classified as a crime of moral turpitude a conviction for which would have resulted in the loss of his teaching credential. I was able to successfully convince the District Attorney that the collateral consequence would have resulted in a disproportionate punishment. The disposition is informal diversion with 52 weeks of counseling. If there are no further violations in one year the case will be dismissed.

I have defended so many accused of similar charges with very satisfactory outcome.

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