Drug Crimes

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Many new Marijuana use, cultivation and sale laws are being developed due to it being legalized.

Drugs Crimes-

Includes transportation, sales, distribution and/or manufacturing and consumption of controlled substances such as Meth, or large quantities of legal drugs, recreation drugs, without proper permits on you, usually these types of arrests lead to firearm possession. No matter what the cause of the accusation is, arrest will follow with misdemeanor or felony charges. California takes drug crimes extremely seriously, and penalties can be severe. The system is not efficient. It is not designed for "swift justice." Indeed, some would say that it is not designed for "justice" at all. However I, as your Defense counsel will be prepared to stand and fight for my client, you, against public outcry; I will stand and fight for my client throughout his trial; and at the time final judgment is entered.

Due to legalization of Marijuana business in California, many are starting Marijuana cultivation, distribution and sale illegally, criminal charges are regularly being filed against such individuals and groups. If you are a business, individual or group, Criminal charges will be filed as misdemeanor of felony and it will not be taken lightly by the authorities. You need to hire Criminal defense attorney if you don;t wish to be defended by a public defender who are burdened by the number of cases they must process throughout a single day.

With the extensive amount of research I invest in my client's defense and with my vast experience in this area, I will give you the best defense possible. Call now. Don't wait! Don't waste time; the sooner I am called the better it is for you, I immediately start working with the prosecutors and start looking for ways to minimize your charges, if you haven't been charged yet, and if you have, I start my efforts on your behalf to minimize the punishment. I will never ask you to accept the plea bargain; I will always put in the time to defend your freedom and rights.


  • I successfully had the charges against my client charged with drug possession dismissed. Oct. 9, 2020

  • Case brought to the Los Angeles County Grand Jury by the Major Narcotics Division of the District Attorney's Office which resulted in an indictment for conspiracy and possession of a controlled substance by a fraudulent prescription, my client was found Not Guilty on all counts by the Jury in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

  • Admission to UCLA was revoked due to arrest for illegal possession and use, I had the charges dismissed and the client readmitted back to UCLA.

  • Prior to the 2017 New Marijuana Law changes, a middle aged was arrested and charged for growing marijuana in his house in a room converted to greenhouse to grow marijuana for sale and distribution, after bargaining his bail amount and getting him out I reduced the charges, he walked away with misdemeanor. The stories, the cases I've handled are numerous all with great results.

  • My client, stay home father of 3, mistakenly purchased CBD edibles that contained THC, instead of his usual CBD edibles, he consumed a large quantity and suffered a psychotic reaction. The neighbors called police who tasered him into submission. He was arrested, charged with felony and ordered to stay away from his children, I've successfully returned him to his children and got him admitted into Drug Court.

CRIMINAL PENALTIES remain for marijuana acts not sanctioned by HS 11362.1

-Illegal possession is in amended HS § 11357. Those under 21 cannot possess at all, over 21 cannot have more than allowed amount by HS § 11362.1

-Illegal cultivation is in amended HS § 11358. Those under 21 cannot cultivate at all and over 21 can’t grow more than allowed by HS § 11362.1.

-Illegal possession for sale is in amended HS § 11359.

-Sales, transportation-for-sale, gift, importation, and offers marijuana are in amended HS § 11360:

-HS § 11362.3 regulates the where and methods of marijuana use. E.g., marijuana cannot be used near schools, day care centers, and youth centers, it can not be used in Cars

Penalties vary from infractions to misdemeanors to felonies.

For the very best defense possible, for prescription or nonprescription drug related charges against you. Call now.

Relief from Marijuana Convictions and Records (Prop. 64)

Proposition 64 provided two types of post conviction relief:

1- Court action to reduce or clean up prior convictions, this applies to a person currently serving a sentence who would not have been guilty of an offense under the new law.

2- Purging old records, this applies to destruction of marijuana arrest and conviction records of any state agency pertaining to the arrest or conviction of any person for a violation of [HS §§] 11357 or … 11360

It is the second-most common psychoactive substance found in drivers, after alcohol. All in addition to the escalating legal problems you will submerge yourself in for a lifetime lead by impaired living.

DUE to Possible Effects of Marijuana Don't drive after using Marijuana :

  • Feelings of panic, anxiety and fear (paranoia)

  • Hallucinations

  • Increased heart rate

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Decreased ability to perform tasks that require coordination

  • Decreased interest in completing tasks

  • THC can trigger a relapse in schizophrenic symptoms.

  • Marijuana may impair driving or similar tasks for approximately THREE HOURS after consumption, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.