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I keep my clients' names private unless it's been made public by them on the social media.

These testimonials are based on personal experiences of actual clients of William Paparian the Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasadena

I'm blessed to encounter such gracious individuals and families in my years of practice as Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasadena CA

Robin Salzer [Testimonial by Robin Salzer, owner of Pasadena's Robin's Restaurant, for William Paparian Criminal Defense Attorney]

We have used Bill Paparian for legal help and he is an excellent attorney, one of the best I’ve ever known. Our friendship goes back more than three decades and I highly and unconditionally recommend Bill Paparian for your legal needs.

Regarding negative reviews, as I found out while in the restaurant business, they often emanate from business competitors, jealousy or someone wanting something free.

They are baseless if the postings are incomplete and if they didn’t try to rectify the issue first by calling you before posting a complaint.

Your reputation is GOLDEN in Pasadena.

-Thank you Robin, it's a gift to have clients who understand what involves and how cases advance.

YELP Review of William Paparian Attorney by Steve L. on April 1, 2021

I have Known Bill Paparian for thirty years. In that time period I have sent him several clients with complex and unusual cases, cases that most other lawyers were just too lazy to research and think about. Every one of those cases had a better than I would have expected outcome and the clients were reasonably happy considering no one is ever really happy who goes through the nightmare of our judicial system. I still refer people to Bill and if heaven forbid I needed a lawyer would call him.

  • Hi Bill, I can't thank you enough for all you did for us. We greatly appreciate your help and patience. This was very stressful for all of us, and you made it work. Now I know why you won BEST ATTORNEY!

Thank you again

CB, E's mom


  • Georgieboy Tapia: Mr. Paparian, thank you very much for all that your are doing to support my brother. I thank God for putting you in our path.


  • Elizabeth Tapia: reviewed William Paparian, Criminal Defense Attorney at Law.

★★★★★ Thank you so much for everything you did today for the war veteran Ricardo Tapia. Truly blessed.


  • James Corum: Mr. Paparian , a big heartfelt thank you for all your efforts concerning Mr. Rory Folsom. He is a good friend of mine from back in high school in Newport beach . Lets face it attorneys sometimes get a bad rap . Sir it is people like you that restore our Faith in your profession . Again on behalf of myself and many friends , THANK YOU , and bless you ... Sincerely. James J. Corum


  • From the father of the teen I defended...

Hi Bill- Thank you very much for all of your help, we greatly appreciate all your efforts in your aid with our son's dilemma. May God bless you and have a wonderful day."

Felt great, I was able to reduce Felony charges of premeditated theft of a Nordstrom outlet by a teenager to No Jail Time Misdemeanor 6 months probation, at the end of six months the case will be dismissed and record sealed for good. A very lucky teen to have parents like his. Because of the quality of the parents this teen will never pull this stunt again. I am sure. After I returned from court I received a great thank you note from the father. Some clients are a pleasure to know and work with.


  • *Dear Adam:

On behalf of my family, especially my son S., I wanted to acknowledge your involvement in gaining the services of Bill Paparian. We thank both you and Bill profusely. Bill was extremely professional and dedicated in assisting our son with a legal situation that could have been very serious. Bill's fees were far more than fair. He stayed in touch with us at all times, was more than understanding of our situation and in fact, I hope I have gained a new friend. Down deep inside I believe that since both Bill and I are veterans it may have been one of the reasons he put himself out for our family. For this we are grateful.

If there is anything I can do for you in future, please let me know. Thank you.

Yours in service

J. H.

* Chair Armed Forces Committee, Los Angeles County Bar Association.


  • Kim Neugebauer (Kim Brennan)

Thank you Mr. William Paparian!!!


  • Mary Ellen Salzano

Always working for our vets....


  • Angie Badger

The most dedicated attorney I've ever known. It's all about the client, not about the money. I've never met an attorney who takes his job to heart the way Bill does. Amazing!


  • Anita Susan Brenner

Congratulations on saving a life today. Semper Fidelis.


  • Brian Chichi

Best Christmas present all of us and his family could have asked for. Thank you and God bless you in 2013


  • Cynthia Jones

Thank you, thank you...such wonderful news!!!


  • Sal Brunetti

Thank you ,you did a great job


  • Karen Joy Allison

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Rory's case. You are amazing!


  • Derek Long

No way!!! That's so great!!!!!


  • Carrie-Carolyn Myers Folsom

What a great article! Thanks sooooooo much!


  • Randall Keith Cowans

No Man Left Behind. Living by your word, and keeping your word alive. Thank you Bill, You "are" a "Medal of Honor"!


  • Jason Irby

Absolutely amazing. What an incredible gift for the new year. This will be one homecoming party I am NOT going to miss!!!

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