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I'm the attorney who is very familiar with the combat veterans with PTSD and TBI facing our criminal justice system with criminal accusations and Felony or misdemeanor charges; I'm the attorney who handled murder cases for the military; I'm, a former marine and son of a Purple Heart recipient marine has been very passionate toward the Veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) disproportionately end up in the criminal justice system either because they try to self-medicate with alcohol and/or drug, act out their trauma and despair in anti-social ways, or become suicidal.

From Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom approximately 2 million troops deployed. Because a large number of these troops have served in multiple deployments, they are disproportionately afflicted with severe psychiatric as well as physical trauma from exposure to combat. As from prior wars, Veterans treatment courts have emerged with unique force and effect both to extricate veterans from the criminal justice system and also to help them reclaim normalcy and stability in their lives and relationships. Rather than focus upon crime and punishment, this court is modeled upon principles of therapeutic, restorative, and collaborative justice, I have been defending veterans and active duty individuals for many years in these courts.

I'm Well known leading military defense lawyer in Los Angeles county, I organized and led training seminars for public defenders and Los Angeles lawyers for military veterans.

California courts are able to respond straightforwardly to PTSD in veterans because of a law amended by the California Legislature in 2006. That statute, Penal Code section 1170.9, permits the courts to divert into a program any veteran who was a member “of the military forces of the United States” and “suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or psychological problems as a result of that service.” Finally more and more better new laws are being implemented In California Courts with which I am most familiar, view some of these laws here at Military-veterans' Court New Laws for 2015 page.

Veterans who've been sentenced before January 2015, New 1/1/2018 Law Penal Code Section 1170.91(b) allows resentencing. Although restrictions apply , I have returned from court with positive outcome for my client on July 5th, 2019.

I continue to be the leading Los Angeles lawyer who knows how to defend veterans and servicemen/women with PTSD in facing the criminal justice system, so combat and noncombat military veterans are better served when they are separated from others because veterans share a common bond, understand each other, and are accustomed to structure. I'm a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America San Gabriel Valley Chapter 446 and the Criminal Courts Bar Association, former Pasadena Mayor, and Marine Corps Veteran, son of Marine. Hire the lawyer who feels for you and understands you.

My passion for veterans’ affairs has never waned over the years. In the early 1990's, while a member of the City Council, I helped fellow veterans erect the Vietnam War Memorial, now located in Memorial Park in Old Pasadena. Also as a councilman, I fought to keep the Marine reserve unit in his East Pasadena district, earning him the Outstanding Military Volunteer Medal in 1997.

I was awarded the Outstanding Military Volunteer Service Medal for his service as the Mayor of Pasadena on behalf of the military and veterans.

I graduated from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego in October of 1971 and served as a supply NCO attached to the Infantry Training School at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. After his Honorable Discharge I attended law school at Southwestern University School of Law on the GI Bill.

Are you a member of the military family?

If you are on active duty, a reservist or a veteran, facing legal issues; please call for the highly experienced California criminal defense attorney who handles misdemeanor, felony, DUI, family and juvenile cases.


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