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New Law 2021-Record Will Be Automatically Cleared

Here's a new law that I think is wonderful.

Effective January 1 of this year anyone arrested or convicted will have their records automatically cleared. If you were arrested and no case has been filed against you once the statute of limitations has passed your record is automatically cleared without having to petition the court as was required in the past.

If you were convicted once jail and probation is completed your record will be automatically cleared.

New Law 2019-Arrest Without Conviction-Petition to Seal Arrest Record Pursuant to PC 851.91.

PC 851.91 and 851.92, enacted last year, provide for partial sealing of arrest records when no conviction occurred but without proving factual innocence. (Pen. Code § 851.8 provides for a more complete sealing when factual innocence is shown.)

Seal and Destroy criminal record is different than Expungement.

New 2017 Marijuana related Laws offer Relief from Marijuana Convictions and Records (Prop. 64)

  • Proposition 64 provided purging old records, this applies to destruction of marijuana arrest and conviction records of any state agency pertaining to the arrest or conviction of any person for a violation of [HS §§] 11357 or … 11360.

  • This is possible to those currently serving. The new Relief from Marijuana Convictions and Records (Prop. 64) offers Court action conviction relief to reduce the charges for the currently serving a sentence who would not have been guilty of the offense under the new law, or would have been lesser offense, record expungement follows the overturned conviction.

Crime Of Moral Turpitude

Can not be expunged. What is a Crime of Moral Turpitude? In the California Criminal justice system it is agreed that a Crime of Moral Turpitude is a crime that is the result of an action taken against another individual or property with the knowledge and intent that the act will cause harm. Expungement is the removal of convictions from public records.

However law enforcement will still have access to them. Misdemeanors and some Felonies can be sealed or expunged, serious Felonies can not be.

Criminal convictions can make it hard to get a job, go to school, or rent an apartment. I have sealed and/or expunged records for numerous Californians with great success, we can do the same for you. Best example: Miami resident who, after almost 20 years of having crippling Felony record, found me online, I was hired, I reduced his felony record to no more than traffic violation penalty.

Can People Be Removed From Cal-Gangs?

Only if the adult gang member's file is not updated automatically he/she is removed from the list. On Spt. 2016 Governor Brown signed AB 2298 Criminal Gangs Bill, starting January 2018, the law enforcement must inform a person before they add them to a shared gang database such as Cal-Gang, they should be more transparent, the new law also gives individuals the right to challenge their inclusion in the list.

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