Governor's Pardon

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Also know as Governor's Pardon, to be eligible for gubernatorial pardon the individual seeking the pardon must and should have demonstrated exemplary behavior after their conviction, before applying for governor's pardon they should get a Certificate of Rehabilitation from the Superior Court in the county where he/she lives.

For California residents, if the person seeking gubernatorial pardon and they live outside the state of California or are ineligible for pardon they can use the Application for Gubernatorial Pardon. Applicants circumstances will be utilized during procedure.

If you think you can be qualified for gubernatorial pardon and need my services, I must first evaluate the case, you can make an appointment with my office bring all documents related to your case. Initial 20 minutes of case evaluation is free of charge.


If a person is still incarcerated (inmate) and want or think they can receive reduction in their sentence or even eliminate it they must for a commutation of sentence.

Application for Commutation of Sentence