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Readers have welcomed PW’s alternative voice over the past 35 yearsPosted by Carl Kozlowski | Jul 11, 2019

..." One famously feisty voice for justice in the Crown City is Bill Paparian, who served on the council from 1987-99 and continues to serve the city’s residents as a top defense attorney. He credits the Pasadena Weekly with keeping a sharp focus on some of the less positive aspects of the city scene.

“The Weekly has been a consistent voice of the community since the Star-News has become more of a regional paper and the Pasadena Now is so unreliable,” says Paparian. “The Weekly is the only source of good coverage in the community. It’s been fearless in its coverage of the demise of the Pasadena Police Department, consistently covers hard issues and literally on Thursday morning I’m online reading its news. I don’t wait for it on the street.”....."

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When it comes to police misconduct in Pasadena, who are you going to believe?

By William Paparian | Dec 27, 2018

  • LEGAL SETTLEMENTS May 17, 2017

Lawsuit alleges Pasadena police officer used position to have sister arrested, city settles for $300,000


  • Pasadena Patch By Ann Erdman (Open Post) - November 18, 2016

Pasadena Attorney William M. Paparian has represented Tapia since shortly after the incident.


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Freedom's Costs honor those who served By Kevin Uhrich 11/10/2016

[...“Nov. 11 is a special day when we pause to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good,” said former Pasadena Mayor Bill Paparian.

Paparian, a local attorney who served on the City Council from 1987 to 1999, and as mayor from 1995 to 1997, did not serve in Vietnam. However, he was a leading force in the creation of a Vietnam veterans’ memorial in 1988 and 1989, and its eventual removal from under the City Hall rotunda and placement in Memorial Park in 2004...]


Decorated Marine Veteran Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

  • mynewsLA.com

Iraq veteran insane when he killed neighbor, wounded neighbor’s wife DEBBIE L. SKLAR ON MAY 19, 2016 IN CRIME

  • Pasadena Weekly

“The city is on notice...some serious constitutional violations occurred in the arrest of..." Paparian said. By Kevin Uhrich 04/21/2016

-‘We’re the police and we can do anything we want.’ By Kevin Uhrich 03/31/2016

  • Pasadena Weekly

As You Wish By Jana J. Monji , Kevin Uhrich 10/08/2015

Basic services take on a fairy-tale feel in Greater Pasadena

......people may not realize Paparian is also an attorney. And this year, according our readers, he’s been voted the best lawyer working in Pasadena. Space does not permit us to list all of this self-styled knight in shining armor’s many accomplishments,..

  • Oceanside-Camp Pendleton Patch-

-Treatment, Not Jail Sought For Camp Pen Marine in DUI Death Case By Mirna Alfonso January 26, 2015

His attorney contends the former Marine self-medicated with alcohol because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


-U.S. Marine Corps sergeant's blood-alcohol level was .. By Newsroom on December 3, 2014 ...[Hale was initially charged with three counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. His attorneys appealed the multiple great bodily injury sentencing enhancements for each of those charges and obtained a favorable ruling, which prompted prosecutors to refile the charges, but now Hale faces more years behind bars if convicted. ]-[...Paparian also disputed the prosecutor's statement that "the roadways were a little wet" the night of the crash.]

  • Los Angeles Times

-Former Iraq war veteran deemed competent to stand trial in fatal Reseda shooting By Brenda Gazzar 08/26/14

abc 7

-JUDGE ORDERS PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION OF VETERAN ACCUSED OF MURDER (Video unreachable from publisher) February 19, 2014 By Carlos Granda

-VETERAN'S LAWYER TALKS ROLE OF PTSD IN RESEDA SHOOTING (Video unreachable from publisher) February 17, 2014 By Carlos Granda

  • The VVA Veterans online

-Proposing A Work-Around, William M. Paparian from Pasadena Chapter 446 December 2012 BY TP HUBERT, CHAIR

  • Pasadena Weekly

-Paparian wants cops to return computer and other items seized from "Sarge" McFarland's home By André Coleman 06/21/2011

-Court of first resort-Judges and prosecutors take another look at stressed-out war vets in trouble with the law By André Coleman 02/10/2011

-Warrior Justice-State courts ease up to help war veterans in trouble readjust to life at home By Logan Nakyanzi Pollard 05/24/2012

  • Los Angeles Times

-FBI Settles With Environmentalist. He will receive $100,000. November 15, 2005|David Rosenzweig


-Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney Bill Paparian Successfully Defends Client's Innocence FEBRUARY 14, 2011

  • Pasadena Star-News

-Victim fails to identify her alleged kidnapper By Brian Charles, 06/13/11

  • Pasadena Weekly

"I broke a law, but I didn’t commit a crime," said Actor and filmmaker Andrew Koenig

-Welcome to Beijing, Calif. Attorney argues city violated First Amendment by detaining Rose Parade protester By Joe Piasecki 02/28/2008