Serious Injury-Vehicular

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Personal injury is the result of either criminal act, accident or negligence. you may be the victim or the accused. On either side it's devastating.


In most personal injury, vehicular manslaughter cases, you do not pay anything "up front", and your lawyer will only be paid if your case reaches a favorable solution for you -- either through an agreed-upon settlement or after a trial.

The Accused or Charged

If you decide to be represented by the Defense Attorney, you will be responsible for the cost of retaining the lawyer, the fee is based on the complexity of the case and/or accusations.

Serious Personal Injury

I have gained enormous level of experience in dealing with insurance companies, and the attorneys of either victims or those who caused the injury.

If you are in a serious car accident several stressful situations will arise such as personal injury, injury of loved ones, property damage, wrongful death.

Seldom do accidents occur with inanimate objects, more often than not there is another party involved; the culprit. Whether by a freak accident, bad weather or being under the influence, there will always be an arrest and misdemeanor or felony charges filed. No matter the cause, the culprit will be charged...even if they are injured themselves.

When you decide upon hiring the experienced lawyer in criminal defense and accident cases you need not worry about the attorney's fees if you are the victim, the attorney's fees and filing costs will come from the final settlement amount.

however if you are the cause of the accident then you need to hire experienced attorney in criminal defense and accident cases and the fee of the attorney will be your responsibility.

Personal Injury

If you have been in a serious car accident, you may be struggling with not only your injuries, but perhaps hospitalization, loss of your car and severe legal consequences if you are the cause, all of which will mount to affect your work attendance and performance.

Hit-And-Run Incidents

New Bill went into law January 1, 2016-

When a person is killed and/or a serious bodily injury has accrued due to a hit and run the authorizes the Department of the California Highway Patrol to activate a Yellow Alert with information of the suspect's vehicle within the specified geographic area if the law enforcement agency requests it.

Wrongful Death

Nothing can replace the family member or the friend lost in a major accident; nothing can remedy the pain the surviving driver or passenger endures physically and emotionally due to the car accident. In a wrongful death accident first thing they will immediately look for is smell of alcohol, presence of drugs and illegal substances, they will later search for weapons, legally or illegally owned and verify the legality of that ownership later, the accident with life threatening injury and/or death will be filed as murder felony case, you will need criminal defense attorney experienced in criminal defense and accident cases.